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4 Types of Artist We All Hate

Warning: Explicit Language Ahead

As a whole, we need constant justification that what we are doing is a good and productive venture. I’m completely guilty of this at times, but that’s mainly because my self-confidence is as strong as Mr. Glass from the movie Unbreakable. When we start something, we want the validation that we are on the right path, or that we have the support from the people we feel should be supporting us in any time of need. The only problem is, in the process of doing this, you make people hate you. I don’t mean the type of outright hate where you get told what form of fecal matter you closely resemble. This hate is a more passive aggressive, dislike your YouTube video kind of hate.

There are a list of types of people you'll encounter in the wild that'll boil your blood. 

1. Buzzers

If you’re like me, you’ll have people in your social circle that do and post things that piss you off, just enough to hate them a little more each time they do it. You know the ones I’m talking about. Simply stating this probably brought one if not more specific people to mind right away, those assholes. That artist who thinks posting 28 statuses a day is creating “buzz”, or the musician asking you to click their link and check out their new song because it’s “fire, my best yet”. It’s the same type of person that blindly shares their own shit without any interaction with you, yet posts a pissy status about lack of support from friends and “fans”. Here’s the thing, where you are right now, no one cares.

2. Link Droppers 

The worst are when people casually drop links in personal messages, telling me to check out their new stuff. Fuck you, I hate you, and this garbage you sent me. I don’t even have to see it, I hate it. We have had no interaction, and the one message of “thanks for the add, check out my music” that I got at first doesn’t count. We don’t have a relationship, spamming me with your link isn’t going to build it. You didn’t even take the time to cater the pasted message to me. I’m not your bro, bro. I have an easy tip for those people looking to connect...and that is to actually connect with people. Comment on statuses to build a rapport, share things posted by other people. When you do nothing but promote yourself, you look like a selfish dick, and that isn’t top of my list of ideal characteristics for a buddy. Too lazy to do this? Here’s another tip, just make a status asking for those who are interested in being tagged or messaged updates, to like it or comment to basically be on your social media “mailing list”. Most people do this already, just don’t overdo it. Otherwise you can create an actual mailing list. Create a MailChimp account, gather the emails of people who really want to check out what you’re putting out, actual fans who want to be involved.

3. Horizoners

You know what else pisses me off? People that post statuses always talking about “things to come”. These same people been posting these statuses for the last 8 months, and I can sure as hell tell you I ain’t on the edge of my seat waiting. Dude who never puts out anything of quality, but always telling you to be on the look for big things, can’t talk about it yet, but big things. Sorry to burst your domer, but that big thing is a piss in a rainstorm, bro. You want to get people excited? Create something to excite people. Put out something inspiring, something that will attract attention. 99% of people dream of things that could be, rather than making moves quietly and actually doing it. Surprise me. I get that you’re jacked up on things you have cooking, but you need to remember, most of the other people on your list don’t care about the process, just about the end result. If you’re going to post about your dream of fire, at least provide some type of content. Give us a new image, give us a teaser of what to expect. Give some kind of physical content.

4. Support Addicts

Lastly, to those who put themselves out there, good for you. You did it, you made a risk….but if you start making statuses about how you should just stop because no one supports you, I hate you even more. If you’ve done nothing to build a base that could support you, outside of your small little circle, then you have nothing to complain about. Friends, family and social contacts are not obligated to buy your products, buy tickets to watch you perform or pay for your premium snap chat. You need to earn that shit, make me want to do those things. Expecting people to immediately show support merely because they know you personally is beyond stubborn and is a quick fix to disappointment. 1K friends on Facebook doesn’t mean you should have 1K subscribers on YouTube. This is the real world, provide a product worth supporting or a brand worth pushing. If you’re the type of person that’ll release a song you made in a day on the internet, and think that because you uploaded it, you’ll mad views in no time...you’re going to have a rude awakening. If you want support you need to gain organic fans. Become part of a community, integrate yourself with an existing circle of people that have an interest in what you provide. Bitching and complaining about your lack of local support is falling on deaf ears.

We’ve all been there, trust me. The hatred we have for you isn’t uncommon and you sure as hell aren’t the first. Sometimes you need to know when to work and perfect your craft rather than just telling people you’re working and perfecting your craft. The less of an annoyance you are the more chance you’d have of people organically starting to enjoy your work. Stay humble, and for the sake of humanity, don’t spam inboxes on every release. Get your shit together.

If you have any to add to the list, please do so below. We are very interested.