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We've spent a lot of years making mistakes and learning from them, and I mean A LOT. We began as a group of eager hip hop artists looking to make a name for ourselves, and spent more time figuring out how to do things wrong than how to do them right. The truth is, the things that seem simple and easy to do end up being the most tedious. We're always thinking 'Man, if only I knew this sooner it would have been game changing', and then that's when we got an idea! 

What is our plan?

We want to create content, in the simplest and most legible form, that could shed light and help artists, musicians and other creatives to progress and excel in their craft. Imagine a platform that is a one stop shop, for all that your mind needs to consume and expand. Cut to the chase and straight to the point without sugar coating anything. We want to keep it real with you. 

Having trouble getting views on YouTube for your new song? We got you. Instagram being a slow and painful process to see any results? We got you. Can't decide whether to buy a bunch of merch or go through a company to print and ship as they come? We...well you get the picture. It's so easy to get caught up in a spiral of YouTube videos and online websites that seem to confuse you more than it helps. Trust us, we've been there. 

The idea is to provide resources that we and other professionals have spent endless hours learning, perfecting and adapting to. Give a helping hand to avoid some of that stress that comes with searching, reading and repeating

What does this have to do with apparel though?


On the real though, ILL! Apparel became a venture that branched from the exact problem we want to provide service for. A natural endeavor for a couple aspiring rappers was 'needing a bunch of merch for all the fans'. Money was straight up wasted on avenues that didn't work out. With a little more direction, these things would have easily been avoided. On a positive note, however, it led us to getting our first vinyl plotter to make our own custom shirts to hustle. ILL! Apparel was born, so we don't regret ALL of it. 


You got it, dude! This post was to shed some light on the plan ahead. Beyond selling the dopest gear out there, we want to give back to a community and culture that we love. We've witnessed so much talent and potential in creatives that could have done amazing things with a little bit of a direction. So if you want to stay updated and haven't signed up to our mailing list as of yet, be sure to contact us and we'll gladly get you hooked up. 

Appreciate all of you, stay ILL!